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Meet The Team


Peggy Hodgson


Antiques are Peggy's expertise. With over 40 years of experience selling antiques shes a walking gem with so much knowledge and passion for anything pre 1960's. 


Leonard Hodgson

Owner (Retired)

This retired Vietnam veteran helped run Hodgson's along side his wife Peggy. She ran the front desk and Leonard worked on antique furniture repairs behind the scenes. He prides himself for his hard work and love that he put into the business.


Mick Thornes


A trusted member of the Hodgson family, Mick has been working with Hodgson's for over 8 years. His expertise is jewelry.


Samara Hodgson

Vintage Clothing

Samara has lived her entire whole life immersed in antiques and vintage items. She would spend long days at the shop and has soaked up a passion for vintage clothing along the way. 


Ronnie Hodgson

Antique Furniture Repairs

After his father retired, Ronnie continued the families furniture repair business and is a master in furniture restoration. Ronnie has repaired high end furniture for celebrity and corporate clients throughout Pasadena, Beverly Hills, San Marino and most of Los Angeles. 

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