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Original Oil Painting by California Artist Sara Hess

Sarah Hess (1875-1960) Sara Mael Hess was born in Troy Grove, IL on Feb. 25, 1875. Hess studied at the AIC, Académie Julian in Paris (1909), and with Richard Miller and Henry Hubbel. Her early career was spent in Gary, IN (1919), NYC and Hillside, NJ (1921-33). She later settled in San Diego, CA where she remained until her death on May 30, 1960.

Here at Hodgson's Antiques we have an original painting by Sara Hess which is a beautiful example of oil paintings done with a pallet knife.

Member: Nat’l Ass’n of Women Artists; San Diego Art Guild; Laguna Beach AA; NY Society of Painters; La Jolla AA; Wolfe Art Club (NYC).

Works Held: Ridgewood (NJ) Womens Club; Gary (IN) Museum; Oshkosh Museum; Vanderpoel Collection (Chicago).

This information was provided on behalf of the Blue Heron Gallery.

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