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Original Oil Painting by Parshotam Singh

Parshotam Singh was an Indian contemporary artist who was born in 1933 at Khaour district ( Pakistan ), Parshotam Singh is specifically known for his musician series. With his intrinsic knowledge of the myriad moods of Indian classical music and lyrical depiction of the various tones and undertones of the spirit of music, Parshotam Singh was in a league of his own.

He also met well known artists of sixties and seventies, eighties and nineties. His closeness with figurative artist like Almelker, Jyoti mathur, Hussain etc further nurtured his work and creativity.

Parshotam Singh’s musical series become his identity for whole life. The artist, by painting both male and female musicians has produced some very fine canvases that are a visual delight. Sarod, sitar players are deeply absorbed in their music creation and soul wrenching effort to bring out what would sway and absorb other souls in the creative activity. These moving images have marked the emotive quality of Singh’s works. And by looking at his works, one can feel the kind of sadhna and dedication that goes in the pursuit of music. Such is the power of his works that he manages to paint the soul of the musician.

Facts File

Founder Member “Tria” Artist Association Agra, Founder President “ Sankalp Art Society “ Agra; Honoured by AIFACS art and craft society, Exhibited at Kala Mela, New Delhi, 1987, Annual Show Lalit Kala Academy , Lucknow, All India show Lalit Kala Academy Lucknow, Millenium group show, Dhoomimal Gallery New Delhi, Mega Show in Ravi Jain Memorial Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi, Ravi Jain Memorial , 11 Leading Artists of India, Family of five artist group show in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi , Millenium non figurative painters in Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi.

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